Ayodhya: on the fast track, to get an airport & much more

January 30, 2020 | Mayank | Cities & States

The Supreme Court returned a verdict on 9 th November 2019 paving the way to the construction of Ram temple. The temple would be ready by 2023 but before that, Uttar Pradesh government is adding other things to the menu like theme park, Sri Ram airport, Shabri Gardens, so that they could develop Ayodhya as a hub of tourism.

The Ram Nagari Ayodhya Project

The Ram Nagari Ayodhya project is all about re-establishing the city of Ram with a modern context and scenario. This project includes a 221-metre-tall statue of Ram for which the government of Uttar

Pradesh has approved a budget of Rs. 450 crores. This budget will be used in purchasing 61.38 hectares of land in Meerapur area. Land belonging to nearly 200 individuals and organisations would be acquired for the mega project. Apart from this, the budget money will be used for tourism development, beautification of Ayodhya, digital museum, interpretation centre, library, parking, food plaza, landscaping, and other tourism facilities.

The budget raised from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will be used to build the Ram statue. According to the officials, the statue will be built of bronze and while the height of the actual statue would be 151 metres, its overhead umbrella would be 20 metres while the pedestal would be 50 metres. This would make this statue taller than the Statue of Unity which stands 182 metres high.

India’s Biggest Theme Park

Other than the statue of Ram, the airport of Ayodhya is being developed and a budget of Rs. 640 crores is released by the government which are to be spent for land acquisition for the project and developing the airstrips. The government is aiming for the first commercial flight to land at Sri Ram Airport in Ayodhya by next year.

Also, India’s biggest theme park ‘Ramayana’ will be established in Ayodhya over 100 acres and it will be inaugurated in 2020. In this theme park, people would witness Ayodhya and Lanka as both of them are being designed inside. A Shabri Garden will be inside that theme park which, according to mythology, is the same garden where Shabri fed fruits to Ram. Alongside, a Ram Setu will be built upon a lake with Ashok Vatika on the other side, where Sita was held captive. An international Ram Katha museum will complement all these.

What Else?

Another project which will be completed very soon is Bhajan Sandhya Sthal. It will be used for all the religious events in Ayodhya. A digital museum will be housed under the Ram statue in Ayodhya. Along with these developments, the government has started Saryu River National Programme and released a fund of Rs. 600 crores to make Saryu clean again. ‘Ayodhya Dham’ railway station is also being revamped at a cost of Rs. 100 crores and it will be unveiled by the next year. It is being said that its entry gate has been shaped like a temple.

Employment Opportunities for Locals

The abundance of development projects will certainly bring a good opportunity for the locals as the project and construction work would need workers and labourers in large numbers. Even after the completion of this project, Ayodhya will be a tourist hub where people from all over the world would visit and this would generate a lot of employment opportunities to the locals. Not only the unemployed but also those who has an established business in the city will get a boost from it.

This project can do wonders for the state economy if done properly. The state government will surely receive a thrust once this project gets completed and this would be a milestone in putting Ayodhya on the world map.